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Available - Ball Pythons
This is a list of all available Ball Pythons, The links below will take you to the pictures and information to assist you in making an educated purchase.

Payment plans are available with a 25% down payment and depending on the value of the animal, any where between 30 to 90 days to pay off the balance unless otherwise decided upon between myself and the customer.

Failure to complete the Payment Plan will result in the loss of 50% of the original down payment

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**Sorry, no overseas deals unless you have connections in the United States that can receive the animals and ship it from there with me doing no paperwork or paying any fees except for me paying FedEx to ship the package to your contact in the United States. Always check with me via email especially if the order will be substantial and I can see what arrangements can be made to facilitate the deal.

I will trade partial/full for the following animals: Sterling boas, Scoria boas, Labyrinth boas, Tri-stripe ball pythons, Unusual Colombian Rainbow Boas and Blue tongue Skink mutations.


Contact me directly at 216-229-8336 or email me at



2016 Female Caramel Glow Ball Python

2011 Female Cinnamon 100% het for Lavender Albino Ball Python

2014 Male Hypo Pastel 100% het Clown


Thanks much and feel free to contact me via email
or call me at

Douglas R. Matuszak
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