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1 Male Sharp Snow Motley 66% possible het for VPI T+ Albino Colombian Boa

1 Male Sharp Snow Motley Colombian Boa, CB 5-28-2018. These guys are Rare, a 1 in 32 shot and do to this guys parents, this male is also 66% possible het for VPI T+ Albino produced from my True Triple het project with Sharp Albino, VPI T+ Albino and Anerythristic along with the OT Hypo and Motley genes. If you have not seen the videos on my YouTube page, Boa Basement, titled “Pure Bred Perfection” parts 1 and 2, then you need to se what amazing animals are produced from this project especially the 1 in 128 shot in the form of the VPI T+ Sharp Albino Anerythristic Motley creation, Who knew so much color would be revealed, check it out.


Mshsnmot1801 $2500 avail.

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