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2018 male Pastel Dream Sharp Albino Motley Colombian Boa

1 male Pastel Dream Sharp Albino Motley Colombian Boa, CB 4-25-2018. As more combinations are done with the Pastel Dream Albinos and Sun Dream aka OT Hypo Pastel Dream Sharp Albinos, it is becoming quite obvious of exactly how powerful these genes in combination with one another actually are and with all the Pure B.c.i. appearances out there, the best is yet to come. If you are looking for a boy friend for your female Sharp Sunglow or female Sharp Sunglow Jungle or something else as long as the Hypo gene is there , here is the guy to take you to the Sun Dream Motley game and possibly farther depending on what you breed him to.


Mpdalmot1801 $800 avail.

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