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2 male Anerythristic IMG Motley Boas

2 male Anerythristic IMG (increasing melinen gene) Motley Boas born 6-9-2019. Produced from a male Anerythristic IMG Motley x female Ghost (Anerythristic Orange Tail Hypo) breeding. If you like Black in your boas, this is one of the best combinations out there today where they become a Glossy Black on their entire bodies including their belly. As they grow, they will continue to get darker until becoming totally Black. As time has gone by in putting new combinations of appearances together, adding dark genes like the IMG has changed the appearance of animals in fantastic ways drawing up colors that were always there but hidden for the most part and this gene has allowed these colors to come to the forefront especially in different types of albinos.


Manimgmot1901 $3000 Avail.

Manimgmot1902 $3000 Avail.

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This next video shows the parents of these 2 little boys and what their potential can be as they mature.

As I mentioned above about how the addition of the IMG mutation has drawn up colors to the surface especially in the different forms of Albinos out there with many more combinations to be accomplished, I am excited about the outcome when the IMG and IMG combinations are put into the "Boa Basement" Lavender Albinos. I believe the results will be truly amazing.



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