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3 2014 female het "Boa Basement" Lavender Albino Boas

3 female 100% het for "Boa Basement" Lavender Albino, CB 5-4-2014. Produced from a male Lavender Glow aka Orange Tail Hypo Lavender Albino x female Silver (proven dominant gene carrier) breeding. These girls are virgins never been with a male, they are just extra do to that the sex ratio from the 2014 litter was very heavy female Whom ever purchases one of these female hets will be put at the front of the line before anyone else to acquire a male visual Lavender Albino and receive a 10% discount on the purchase of that visual male. This appearance is as exciting as it gets for a "ground floor" project where the skies the limit with what one can do with such an incredible mutation and there is a second video below that shows what both the "base Lavender Albino" and the "Lavender Glow" looks like as adults, (original animals that spontaneously popped out back in 2010). This is a True "Corner Stone" project where literally everything that exists can be made better by the addition of this Brand New line of Lavender Albino Boas "Boa Basement" Lavender Albino Boa. Think now, what do you guess a "Boa Basement" Lavender Albino + Motley + IMG (increasing melanin gene) will look like as an adult? I believe it will be a dam near if not totally Purple Patternless animal with Red eyes, now add Anerythristic and wrip the Red out and we could end up with some form of Blue appearance. This is just fooling around with 3 genes and there a ton of Pure and not so Pure combos to get into this "Gift from God" that I have been blessed with.

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This next video shows what an adult Boa Basement Lavender Albino and Lavender Glow (Orange Tail Hypo Lavender Albino) looks like and that is absolutely amazing. This video was from 6 years ago when I still referred to this brand new line of albinos as Lavender Sharp Albinos since the actual 4 animals popped out from a 2009 - 2010 breeding from a male Sharp Sunglow (Orange Tail Hypo Sharp albino) bred to a female OT Hypo het Sharp albino. Now this pairing was also a Nephew x Aunt breeding and the only reason I even put them together was because they were the last animals that I had not paired up with anyone else so I put them together and it ended up being the best decision I ever made. I made the above animals myself so I know exactly what is in everything when it comes to the purity of the project. In 2018, I had a few litters from het Lavender x het Lavender breedings and only produced a hand full of Lavender Albino babies from each of those litters and got the same results in the 2019 season from those same het to het pairings. The original visual Lavender Albinos and Lavender Glows passed from one issue or another such as retained ova and an infected hemipene but I was able to get a successful litter in 2014 where a number of hets were produced, these are the Hets mentioned above that have produced the Boa Basement Lavender Albino Boas for the 2018 and 2019 season. These animals did spontaneously pop out from my Pure Sharp Albino line and in the 2018 and 2019 litters, they have proven to be a "Stand alone" Brand New Line of Albino in the World of Boa Constrictors. No Sharp Albinos were produced in these het to het breedings for 2 years straight and I expect that no visual Sharp Albino will ever come from this brand new line of albino and that was a Question I wanted to answer before putting them on the Open Market. These animals also have no connection to the mutts known as "Purple Sharps" which are Sharp Albino Guyanan crosses and thus there is a tremendous amount of variability in those animals since the amount of Lavender/Purple is determined by how much of the Guyanan is being expressed in each animal. This is not the case with my Pure line of Lavender Albino Colombian Boas. From the moment the mutts known as "Purple Sharps" came into the country, they attempted to attach that project to my Pure Lavender Albino project and my project started years before their mutts hit the street, that is why in all of the videos from 2013 thru 2015 I continue to say, "If someone says they have what I do, make them show it to you." By the way, no one ever could show people their "Boa Basement" Lavender Albinos because they never had one. People took this as me being negative when they knew absolutely nothing of the corruption that was being purpitrated upon my project and myself attempting to say their mutts were the same as my Pure animals and I simply don't stand for that sort of crap.

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