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1 Female Pewter Scaleless Head double het for Hypo Clown

1 Female Pewter Scaleless Head double het for Hypo Clown, CH 9-9-2018. Produced from a male Cinnamon Scaleless Head x female Hypo Pastel Clown breeding. This girl is known as a "No Expression" do to that she has no missing scales on her head but she does have the bifurcated (split) scale right above the vent and this characteristic in the Scaleless Head mutation seems to be the defining measure whether or not the animal is an actual SH animal with those who have proven out No Expression animals as true SH animals. As the SH project moves forward, more andmore of our favorite appearances will be made into the Scaleless form which makes each one into true works of art with such vibrancy not seen in our wonderful scaled versions.

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