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Designer Morphs

Available - Ball Pythons


This is a list of all available Ball Pythons, The links below will take you to the pictures and information to assist you in making an educated purchase.

As of July 21, 2015

Short payment plans available for animals $500 and up.

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**Sorry, no overseas deals unless you have connections in the United States that can receive the animals and ship it from there with me doing no paperwork or paying any fees except for me paying FedEx to ship the package to your contact in the United States.

I will trade partial/full for the following animals: VPI T+ Jungle boa, male preferable, VPI T+ Motley female preferred but another co-dom gene or two may be interesting as well, Sterling boas, Scoria boas, Labyrinth boas, True Patternless Ball Pythons, Tri-stripe ball pythons, Highway or Gravel male Ball Python, Golden Eye Blood Pythons and batyk Blood pythons, Blue tongue Skink mutations.


Contact me directly at 216-229-8336 or email me at

**2014 babies **

1 female Enchi Banana ball python, CH 8-1-2014, sibling to the above Pastel Enchi Banana, $1000, video of her at this link, Watch the Video


2 Female Hypo Pastel Clowns, only the second time these have been produced by yours truly, $4000 each, video of the 3 available animals is at this link, female 1402 and 1403 is SOLD, Watch the Video


1 female Pastel 100% double heterozygous for Hypo Clown, $800, video of her at this link, Watch the Video


2 male Hypo Pastels 100% heterozygous for Clown, $600, video of them at this link, 1401 and 1402 to choose from, Both Pending, Watch the Video


2 male Pastels 100% double heterozygous for Hypo clown, $250, video of them at this link, 1401 and 1402, Watch the Video


2 Male Baker Line Super Special, 1401 and 1402 to choose from, CH 9-9-2014, $600, video of these 2 good looking guys at this link, Watch the Video


2013 Offspring, use the pricing here and disregard pricing on the site and REMEMBER, ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. ***Many of the great animals listed above and below are now available to be seen on the YouTube page listed above and this feature will become part of the Boa Basement Available pages in the future***


Proven Breeder male Pastel Clown, CB 6-1-2010, his Killer sons are kicking him out and he needs a new home to work his magic on, $800, video of him at this link, Watch the Video


Thanks much and feel free to contact me via email
or call me at

Douglas R. Matuszak
Boa Basement

I am willing to trade for the following animals:
Sangria Colombian Boa Constrictor
Sterling Colombian Boa Constrictor
Female Ultramel Ball Python
Tri-Stripe Ball Pythons, both sexes
Golden Eye Malaysian Blood Pythons
Batyk Malaysian Blood Pythons
T+ Albino Colombian Rainbow Boas