The Boa Basement - T+ Motley Boa  

Douglas R. Matuszak
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

What more can be said but "WOW". this is the first designer made with these two true power houses of the boa world creating a simply eye catching master piece. And of course, we are not done with this combination at all since I am a fan of the Kahl albino Motleybesque, I am planning of course to pursue the creation of a T+ Motleybesque, not of course discounting by any means the creation of Sunglow T+ Motleys(orange tail of course), Pastel Dream T+ Motleys and of course, Pastel Dream T+ motley Sunglows. I am sure I will do more with this designer as time goes by, but I will focus on these projects first. this little girl came from the first ever litter of this designer born in 2008. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Oh Yeah, I did not want to forget that I would also like to plug her into the Pink Panthers as well.
T+ Motley Boa
T+ Motley Boa