The Boa Basement - Albino Sharp Pastel Dream Boas  

Douglas R. Matuszak
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

This is the first of the true Pastel Dream Sharp Albinos produced right here back in 2005. This pic was taken of this guy in 2006 and will show up in the newest Designer Morphs book coming out soon in 2010. The true Pastel Dream gene is a co-dominant carrier and I have made these animals through first making my Pastel Dream het Sharp's and then breeding them back into Sharp stock producing incredible animals such as this. I have produced a few here and there for the last several years but you will see the end result which I have been shooting for which is a Pastel Dream Sharp Sunglow officially now known as a "SUN DREAM". The Pastel Dream gene does not always rush in right at birth with its color, for example, this animal was born pure white and eventually turned into this amazing animal. read more about the pastel Dream Sharp project in the Sun Dream section. There are a lot of fake Pastel Dream genes out there so beware of who you are dealing with. It is very easy to throw out the Pastel name in hopes of attracting someone to buy an animal which will never produce animals that I do with what I am using. I have sold very few of these parts over the years so check with me if someone is claiming to have my stock and I can point you in the right direction before you lose your money.

pastel dream sharp
pastel dream sharp