The Boa Basement - Spinner Ball Python  

Douglas R. Matuszak
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

This is the beautiful Spinner designer ball python which is made up of the Spider gene and the Pinstripe gene creating this sharp looking animal. The usage of the term double dominant for this designer does not refer to a double super designer such as my Super Pewter which carries a super pastel as well as a super cinnamon gene. In this case, it stands for two animals which do not have a super version to them thus the industry named them dominant as well, just a bit more confusion for people to muddle through. I personally refer to these as a double co-dominant but I am not writing books so my opinion on this really doesn't matter. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this guy ends up being het for hypo(he is 66% possible het for hypo). I am also all ready jazzed on the Albino Spinner which has been created and is basically a patternless bright orange designer, very cool. Of course I will also Spin it into other top appearances to create "Out of this World" designers.