The Boa Basement - Super Mojave Ball Python  

Douglas R. Matuszak
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

The Super Mojave was one of the original animals that was called a Leucistic and since then, we have 6+ animals that have fallen into what has been called Leucistics. None of the animals called Leucistics to date are True leucistic, a TRUE LEUCISTIC is an animal that is VOID of all coloration which means in a nut shell, it is a pure white animal, no shades of anything appear on a TRUE LEUCISTIC, as a matter of fact, a TRUE Leucistic is a dead end for doing anything else to since by definition, it is VOID of all coloration and thus can not be manipulated. Anyways we were talking about this very cool animal known as a Super Mojave which of course produces all Mojave offspring every time and that makes the production of designers a whole lot easier when you have Super animals in the breedings. The Super Mojave has a bit more shading of grays and yellows to them and this makes it easier to lay other appearances on top of it to create new appearances with the Mojave as the center piece to that designer.

Super Mojave Ball Python